Next Group Meeting

The second Thursday of the month

Location:City Council Chambers

August 11, 2022

5:30 pm

  Zoom call is available. Please contact us if you don't have the link.

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2022 Northwest Festival Hosting Group Parade Dates

Washington State Apple Blossom Grand Parade

Sat. May 7th, 11 AM

Spokane Lilac Festival Armed Forces Torchlight Parade

Sat. May 21st, 7:45 PM

New Westminster Hyak International Parade

Sat. May 28th, 11 AM

Portland Rose Festival Starlight Parade

Sat. June 4th, 8 PM

Marysville Strawberry Festival Twilight Grand Parade

Sat. June 18th, 7:45PM

Olympia Capital Lakefair  

Sat. July 16th, 5 PM

Seattle Seafair Torchlight Parade

Sat. July 30th, 7:30 PM

Penticton Peach Fest Grand Parade

Sat. Aug. 6th, 10 AM


 Parade Summer 2022 is just heating up!

Sharon and the Chicken Dancers kept bringing the Leavenworth spirit around the state through July. On the 16th they made a stop in Olympia for Capital Lakefair and just last weekend they shook their tailfeathers for Seattle Seafair!

There's only one parade between now and our very own Autumn Leaf Festival. If you're north of the border, say hi to the crew at Penticton Peach Fest!