Next Group Meeting

Location: Zoom Meeting: link will be added before meeting

November 12, 2020

6:00 pm

COVID-19 Distancing  we will also provide a Face time or phone by speaker available

Questions: Call 509-670-1653 - Marggie


2020 Royal Lady of the Autumn Leaves

Penelope Carpenter 


last membership meeting on October 8th, 2020 election results: 

New Directors of the board:

Marggie Simmons (President)

Peggy Dickingson (Treasurer)

Jessie Swider (Secretary)

Linda Bradshaw (1st VP) 

Wendy Habek (2nd VP)

Sandra Henderickson

Tom Landis

Malinda Hanberg

With room for one more memeber to make 9 directors total to complete the board.

The other decision made was to have a joint meeting each month for all membership.  Please put the 2nd thursday of the month on your calendar to join us at 6:00 pm so that we have input from all members. It is each members ability to know what is going on for Autumn Leaf first hand. This way all members can be a part of decisions made for Autumn Leaf Festival. We look forward to a very fun and productive year!  Due to Covid-19 location is up in the air but please call Marggie if you would like to join us by face time or phone.

2020 Royal Lady of the Autumn Leaves

Penelope Carpenter