The Washington State Autumn Leaf Festival Association promotes tourism and goodwill for Leavenworth and the Upper Wenatchee River Valley through participation in community parades and festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest. Working in harmony with the Royal Bavarians,  Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Leavenworth. ALFA supports the sustainability of our local economy through its uniquely personal promotion of our community.


Founded in 1964 Leavenworth’s Autumn Leaf Festival celebrates the turning colors of the autumn leaves. It is the village's original festival. Together with the City of Leavenworth’s decision to adopt the Bavarian theme, the Washington State Autumn Leaf Festival was instrumental in turning the town into a thriving tourist destination from a dying logging and railroad town. Today the Autumn Leaf Festival Association (ALFA) participates in parades and festivals across the northwest as a founding member of the Northwest Festival Hosting Association. ALFA’s participation in those other festivals has resulted in tiny Leavenworth’s festival becoming one of the premier events around the Northwest.