2020 Board of Directors

  • Tom Landis, President
  • Peggy Dickinson, 1st Vice President
  • Sandy Hendrickson, 2nd Vice President
  • Bill Forhan, Treasurer
  • Jessie Swider, Secretary
  • Marggie Simmons
  • Wendy Habek

2020 Current Paid Members   

  • Peggy Dickinson
  • Marggie Simmons
  • Jessie Swider
  • Scott and Linda Bradshaw
  • Tom Landis
  • Jillana Haight
  • Brandon Haight
  • Rebecca Puckett
  • Kiffen Fishburne
  • John Fishburne
  • Penny Carpenter
  • John Ressler
  • Sandra Hendrickson
  • Bill Forhan
  • JoAnne Prusa
  • James Zumini
  • Cindy Puckett
  • Cindy Hassinger
  • David Serverance
  • Sharon Waters
  • Pamela Brulotte
  • Wendy Habek
  • Kevin Rieke
  • Teddy Rieke
  • Melinda Hanberg

*To be added to this list, please commplete the membership application by clicking on the link above

**All memberships subject to verification of dues paid


2nd Thursday of each month

October 8th, 2020

Location: 238 Birch St, Leavenworth



October 8th, 2020

Location: 238 Birch St, Leavenworth

6:00 PM

Covid-19 social distancing

we will also provide a Face time or phone by speaker available: Agenda Main Item: Election of Directors

Questions: Call 509-670-1670 Marggie

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Policies and Procedures



*all meetings are public, and open to everyone